Our Biodegradable Material

Bamboo, Chaff, Straw.. The material used for Enviroarc biodegradable pots is derived from natural sources which are biodegradable by nature. Using our advanced production technology we are able to turn a natural renewable resource into a viable environmentally friendly alternative to environmentally friendly plastic and ceramic products.

We were the first company in the world to perfect bamboo pulp for the use in the manufacturing of biodegradable ware. With bamboo pulp and chaff as our main raw materials we can be sure our raw material is natural with no contaminants, and that we can have an uninterrupted supply of raw material to allow high volume production. Bamboo grows naturally easily and quickly (without the need of fertilisers). Also importantly our bamboo is sourced from our own bamboo farms ensuring that none of China's natural bamboo forests (that the panda's rely on for a food source) are destroyed.

Our raw materials have been repeatedly, stringently tested and passed different requirements on pesticide residues, heavy metal, fluorescent substance and toxic substances etc.

With our technology our material is easily moulded into a variety of shapes and forms, with a large range of textures, colours and shapes for our clients to choose from. As with all biodegradable products, our pot's organic biodegradable composite means that in nature it will naturally break down safely, relatively quickly and biologically. It will fully return from a consumer product and re-enter the earth and nature's natural life process. See here for a diagram of the biodegration process.

If stored as stated, our EnviroArc pots have a shelf life well over 18-24 months and once disposed of into the earth it will be start to biodegrade within 6 months. Broken down by microorganism and bacteria naturally present in the earth, it will turn to carbon dioxide and water and return safely and naturally to nature.